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Next Generation Solar Cells for Space – Lightweight and Flexible

Glyndŵr University pioneering exciting new research into solar cell technology

The Centre for Solar Energy Research (CSER), Glyndŵr University is leading an exciting new research project aimed at developing an innovative solar cell technology for use in Space.  The project brings together collaborative academic partners the University of Surrey and industrial partners Qioptiq Space Technology Ltd (QST) and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

The research team are proving the feasibility of a lightweight, flexible and low-cost energy solution to meet the emerging demands of new space applications such as space-based power and solar electric propulsion.  This step-change in space solar cell weight and cost is made possible by combining CSER’s ground breaking thin film technology and QST’s ultra-thin and space qualified cover glass.

“This is an exciting project that builds on unique capability of the CSER team to deposit solar cell materials using chemical vapour deposition. We have a very strong partnership that I am sure will deliver new solar energy technology for the rapidly growing space market.” Professor Stuart Irvine, Glyndŵr University

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