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Tween Audiences and Welsh-language Television Production: Impacts on Economic Prosperity and Cultural Life

Tween audience determines strategic future of TV production company

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between Aberystwyth University and the television production company, Boomerang+ (now Boom Pictures), has provided a unique ‘snap-shot’ of contemporary childhood in Wales and has shaped Boomerang+’s creative practices and future strategic development.

Dr Merris Griffiths’s research included interactive online questionnaires, participatory performance/drama and art workshops, and focus groups with over 1000 children aged between 7 and 13 years of age, representing the first ever data gathering exercise of its kind to be conducted with Welsh-speaking children.

Armed with such detailed analysis of the media preferences and practices of this ‘tween’ Welsh audience, Boomerang+ were able to adapt their programming to better suit what children wanted, particularly in areas of audience interaction, content and even the presentational style of on-air talent.

The research strengthened Boomerang+’s ability to tender for television contracts, even in a climate of intensifying competition and budgetary cuts.  None of its competitors had undertaken an audience study of this scale or rigour and the insights generated by the project gave the company a marked ‘edge’, drawing on concrete and current audience data.

“As a company working in the creative industries, being involved with this KTP focused and deepened our knowledge and understanding of the demographic, technological and cultural demands of our area of business. Overall, our experience of the project was very rewarding.” Dafydd Felix Richards, Chair of KTP Local Management Committee, Boom Pictures

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