HEW Weekly Wrap Up 19 September 2014

News – HEW statement on Scottish ‘no’ vote

Following the ‘no’ vote in Scotland’s referendum, Higher Education Wales (HEW) has responded by releasing a statement on its website.

News – NUS to hold “free education” demo

On 17 September 2014, the National Union of Students (NUS) announced it is to hold a national demonstration in support of “free education”. A meeting of the NUS’ national executive committee voted to back a rally in central London to take place on 19 November 2014, which has been organised by a coalition of student groups. These include the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, the Student Assembly Against Austerity, and the Young Greens. The demonstration will take place under the banner of “Free Education: No fee. No cuts. No debt”, and is designed to raise awareness about student debt ahead of the General Election in May 2015.

HEW re-launch – Universities Wales

From Monday 22 September 2014, HEW will be re-launching as Universities Wales. The change was agreed at HEW Committee at February 2014.  The purpose of the name change is to build a more widely recognisable brand, both in Wales and internationally, and demonstrates that we represent universities in Wales, rather than HE more generally. On Monday, a stand sponsored by the Presiding Officer, Rosemary Butler, will be erected in the Senedd. The stand will hold information which reinforces the key messages on the contribution of universities in Wales – an infographic, facts and figures, copies of Science in Wales, and the response to the Welsh Government budget consultation. Further details about the name change are available on the HEW website. A press release will also be issued to mark the event.