Universities Wales – Weekly Wrap Up 3 October 2014

News – Welsh Government draft budget

On 30 September 2014, the Welsh Government announced the amount of funding allocated to its departments for 2015-16 is £15.3 billion. In response, Universities Wales issued a statement.

News – UCAS – New Tariff points for entry into HE in 2017 published

On 1 October 2014, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) published the new Tariff points. The new UCAS Tariff points are applicable to higher education (HE) courses starting from September 2017 with a switchover date in terms of UCAS systems taking place in September 2016. The key points to note:

  • The new UCAS Tariff points are based on a different methodology to the current Tariff;
  • Significantly different numbers are used to avoid confusion during the switchover;
  • All qualifications that are currently on the UCAS Tariff will continue to attract points under the new system; and
  • The AS has been repositioned as 40% of an A level in light of the qualification regulators’ statements regarding the standard of the AS.

Details are available on the UCAS website. Please direct any queries to

Consultation – Independent review of SPA

An independent external review of Supporting Professionalism in Admissions (SPA) is underway, organised by UCAS. A tender to appoint a Reviewer has been issued by UCAS. The Reviewer will work with a Review Group, which includes admissions practitioners, all of SPA’s funders, and senior HE staff. The Review Group will report to the funders with recommendations for SPA’s direction and funding from 2015-16 onwards. For more information regarding the tender process and what the Review will cover, please email Vikki Pickering at UCAS, SPA is keen to gather the thoughts, reflections and comments from admissions practitioners, and SPA’s wider stakeholders, on SPA’s work. Please direct any comments to

Event – International Unit – Student Finance Seminar

The UK HE International Unit (IU) is holding a half day seminar in London aimed at anyone advising students on UK HE outward mobility programmes. The seminar is an opportunity to hear from representatives of student finance in the four UK nations. Details are available on the IU website.

Event – TNE: an illustrated view

This IU event will tackle the big questions of transnational education (TNE) and explore the latest research findings. Delegates will be able to discuss and debate the logistical issues of establishing, growing and maintaining a TNE offer within a host country.  Hot off the press, participants will be able to discover the most recently mined data and trends from the British Council and the latest research to understand the current status of and future opportunities for TNE. Details are available on the IU website.