HEW Weekly Wrap Up 13 June 2014

Universities Week 2014

This year’s Universities Week 2014 was held around the theme of ‘Ideas for Life’, where universities across the UK aimed to highlight the work they are doing to improve the way we live our lives. In Wales, HEW and National Museum Wales teamed up to organise a keynote event at National Museum Cardiff on Wednesday evening, where the Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales, Professor Julie Williams, spoke about the relevance of university research and its everyday impact on our lives.

With senior figures from across the HE sector, Welsh Government and others present, a canapé reception was held prior to Professor Williams’ keynote speech, which was then followed by a 15 minute ‘in conversation style’ question and answer session between Professor Williams and Professor Colin Riordan. Also available on the evening, and throughout the week at National Museum Cardiff, was a brochure highlighting some of the best examples of research currently being undertaken by Welsh universities.

A copy of this can be downloaded here: Universities Week Case Studies

HE Business and Community Interaction – annual survey

The 13th survey published by HEFCE on 12 June 2014 to coincide with Universities Week confirms that university researchers in Wales are among the most successful in the UK at collaborating with businesses, community bodies and the public sector.  HEFCW have issued a press release detailing the survey findings for Wales. This shows that, relative to its size, Wales has been successful in particular in obtaining a large share of the UK’s collaborative research income (7.4%), continuing professional development provision (7.1%), and income from regeneration and development programmes (23.6%).  It also points to the comparative high number of spin-out companies from Welsh universities, and shows that there has been significant growth in contract research and intellectual property income.

Final Report of the Oxbridge Ambassador for Wales

The Final Report of the Oxbridge Ambassador for Wales is due out at 10am Wednesday, June 18 2014. Paul Murphy MP was appointed as Oxbridge Ambassador to establish the reasons behind the decline in Welsh applications and admissions to the Universities of to Oxford and Cambridge.  The final report builds upon the findings of the interim report that was published in December 2013, and takes into account all of the feedback received to date.  The report summarises the findings of the project based on an analysis of relevant data and a broad consultation with students, teachers and other key stakeholders. A copy of the report can be accessed on the Welsh Government website.