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ASTUTE 2020 (Advanced Stainable Manufacturing Technologies): Enabling greater levels of business innovation in future manufacturing

  • Working with the manufacturing industry across Wales.
  • Leading and supporting cutting-edge Research, Development and Innovation through dedicated technical experts, world-class academic expertise and access to cutting edge facilities.
  • Encouraging the stimulation of ideas and challenges to foster knowledge exchange between industry and academia.
  • Collaborating on industry demand-led projects, increasing competitiveness and future-proofing to de-risk new technologies.

Demand-led by industry, the EU-backed multi-university partnership is supporting the industry by applying advanced engineering knowledge to manufacturing challenges to develop advanced and sustainable future technologies.

ASTUTE 2020 is working with the high-value manufacturing industry across Wales through effective collaboration with academia, aiming to drive productivity and growth within the industry. Supporting a variety of sectors by inspire manufacturing companies to improve and streamline their manufacturing processes, manufactured products and supply chain, generating sustainable, higher value goods and services and bringing them to a global market.

Over the last three years, ASTUTE 2020 has been collaborating with a number of Welsh Manufacturing companies from across Wales, including successful Swansea-based start-up Marine Power Systems Ltd. (MPS) on their clean, reliable and affordable wave power technology, the WaveSub. As a result of this collaboration and further investment from the Welsh Government, MPS have now reached a significant milestone and have unveiled a 1:4 Scale WaveSub prototype with sea-based testing expected this year.

Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd. based at the State-of-the-art Institute of Life Science, Swansea University partnered with ASTUTE 2020 on the optimisation of the next generation of implantable blood pumps, the MiniVAD™ for the treatment of heart failure. The collaboration between ASTUTE 2020 and Calon Cardio resulted in attracting private investment that will enable clinical trials of the MiniVAD™ to begin.

Caerphilly-based Kautex Textron CVS Ltd. and Frontier Medical Group Ltd. have benefited from significantly increased employment as a result of their collaboration with ASTUTE 2020, extending their workforce for future business growth.

The companies and the Welsh economy have benefitted from increased investment and employment, new and improved processes and products, increased company competitiveness as well as future proofing.

Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems Ltd said ‘With the prestigious skills and facilities available from ASTUTE 2020 at the new Swansea University Bay Campus, as well as its philosophy of innovation and advancement, we have full assurance that the research being produced by ASTUTE 2020 will confirm that our design for a power take-off float is fully fit for purpose.’

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