Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up 24 October 2014

Publications – THE article – NUS highlights students’ key role in general election

In a Times Higher Education (THE) article, the National Union of Students (NUS) argues that those studying at university may hold the key to winning more than a quarter of parliamentary seats. NUS UK President, Toni Pearce, said some 197 seats had a majority of 10% or less, requiring a swing of 5% to change hands. In all but six of those seats, full time students are a bigger proportion of the electorate than the swing required to change the 2010 outcome. NUS will be encouraging students to use a new online tool to see if a vote in their university constituency or in their home constituency would be more likely to affect the balance of power in the general election. The article is available on the THE website.

Publications – City Growth Commission – final report

The City Growth Commission has published its final report, Unleashing Growth, containing a set of recommendations for government. The report makes the case for, and explains how, cities can take a new role in our political economy, creating stronger, more inclusive and sustainable growth in the UK. The report draws on interim reports which have focused on skills, infrastructure, fiscal devolution and the role of universities in driving metro growth.

Publications – HEFCW circular – Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey 2014/16

On 23 October 2014, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) published circular W14/40HE which requests institutions to return student data to enable HEFCW to make allocation of funds for teaching; have early indications of students numbers; monitor recruitment of students under the new fee regime; make estimations of fee grant costs; monitor medicine, dentistry and teacher training provision and ERASMUS and other year abroad registrations; monitor Performance Element provision and the UHOVI scheme; and monitor registrations at overseas partners and campuses. Responses to HEFCW are requested by 24 November 2014 (whole survey), 10 November 2014 (Tables 2a and 2b).

Events – International investment conference

On 20/21 November 2014, Wales is hosting a major international investment conference. The event is being organised by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) in collaboration with the Welsh Government, and is taking place at the Celtic Manor. The focus of the conference will be Wales as an investment region, situated within the UK. The invite only event will bring together 150 foreign owned companies, with the conference theme ‘embracing technology’. The programme will include three breakout sessions:

  1. Wales as a location (focusing on the technology landscape in Wales, including collaboration between universities and companies);
  2. Cyber security;
  3. Collaboration campuses (exploring models of collaboration between academia and industry). This session will be hosted by the Chief Scientific Advisor for Wales.

The programme also includes a dinner, which will be hosted by the Secretary of State for Wales, and the First Minister. Wales’ Vice Chancellors are being invited to the event.