Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up 6 February 2015

Publication – HEFCE – The future of quality assessment in HE

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has published two studies to support discussions about approaches to quality assessment. HEFCE, together with the funding bodies in Wales and Northern Ireland, is undertaking a review of approaches to quality assessment in HE. In January 2015, HEFCE published a discussion document asking questions about what quality assessment arrangements should be like in the future. The two new studies are: ‘International comparator study to inform the quality assessment review’; and ‘Approaches to regulation in other UK sectors’. The full story and studies are available on the HEFCE website.

Publication – Welsh Government – A guide for higher education admissions practitioners on changes to 14-19 qualifications in Wales

The Welsh Government has published a guide designed to support admissions practitioners and ensure they have relevant and up to date information about changes to qualifications in Wales. The publication is available on the Welsh Government website, and was launched at the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association (HELOA) conference recently.

Publication – National Assembly, Qualifications (Wales) Bill

The National Assembly for Wales Research Service has published a Bill Summary Paper of The Qualifications (Wales) Bill, which was introduced to the Assembly on 1 December 2014. The Bill provides for the transfer of regulatory responsibility for qualifications awarded in Wales from the Welsh Government to a new independent body, ‘Qualifications Wales’. The Welsh Government wants to strengthen oversight of qualifications and of the qualifications by also reforming the current arrangements. The paper is available on the Assembly’s website.