Ideas for Life: Cardiff Metropolitan University

To celebrate Universities Week and some of the ground-breaking research work undertaken at Welsh universities, Higher Education Wales is to feature a case study from each of our universities over the coming week to highlight the impact they’re having through creating Ideas for Life.

The following case study is from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

3D surgical mapping rebuilds bones

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s National Centre for Product Design and Development Research (PDR) leads the way in precision surgical techniques, helping people whose bone injuries are so severe that 3D printing techniques and computer aided design are required over traditional methods.

PDR’s approach for precisely cutting and moving bones is critical when surgery necessitates operation in close proximity to sensitive and vital anatomy, such as eye sockets. The patient’s medical scan data is transformed into a virtual, 3D model, improving the delivery of patient specific implants used to reconstruct bone defects following trauma or disease, along with better efficiency and accuracy of surgical and prosthetic procedures, at lower overall treatment costs.