Ideas for Life: The Open University in Wales

To celebrate Universities Week and some of the ground-breaking research work undertaken at Welsh universities, Higher Education Wales is to feature a case study from each of our universities over the coming week to highlight the impact they’re having through creating Ideas for Life.

The following case study is from The Open University in Wales.

Collaboration drives innovation

Working with market-leading British designer and manufacturer of mass spectrometers, Nu Instruments in Wrexham, The Open University in Wales’ collaborative work on these high-tech instruments is used by scientists to very precisely measure the components that make up the materials around us.

Nu Instruments’ mass spectrometers are used in Earth, Material and Nuclear science to do anything from measuring the gases from a volcano or the age of a rock, to discovering the origin of nuclear materials or testing the purity of precious metals. University-Industry collaboration, and its direct links between scientists and researchers in academic institutions and manufacturers, drives product innovation by helping to push boundaries and be at the cutting edge of analytical science.