6% rise in applicants to university in Wales – HEW responds to UCAS January 2014 deadline figures

UCAS figures from the 15 January 2014 deadline show a 6% increase in applicants compared to this time last year.

A spokesperson for Higher Education Wales said: “We are delighted to have recorded the  best application rate on record, with the 6% increase in students applying to study in Wales being the highest of the constituent nations in the UK. The figures are testament to the current strength of Welsh universities and it’s heartening to see a rise in applications from Welsh domiciled students, especially those from areas that have, up until this point, had comparatively fewer students applying to higher education.

“In an increasingly globalised world, the statistics also re-emphasise the growing attraction of Wales as a premier international destination for students. With our campuses increasingly offering a diverse, vibrant and enriching student experience, it’s becoming apparent that Welsh universities are successfully engaging in a number of initiatives with overseas partners to communicate the benefits of a higher education experience in Wales.

“However, it is important to note the figures relate to applicants only, and enrolment figures will come out later this year. Anyone still thinking of applying to university can do so and we would urge those still undecided on their destination to consider joining the record number who are already considering a rewarding higher education experience in Wales.”