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A New Standard of Care for Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

Cardiff University study reduces prostate cancer deaths

Locally advanced prostate cancer affects 4,000 men in the UK and until recently there was no consensus on the standard of care, with hormone therapy often being given alone. Cardiff University researchers showed that treating locally advanced disease with a combination of radiotherapy and hormone therapy halved the risks of dying of prostate cancer. As a result of the work, patients who are fit enough to receive it should now be offered combined radiotherapy plus hormone therapy.

Led by Professor Malcolm Mason, studies confirmed the beneficial effects of radiotherapy, with a 30% reduction in the chances of death from any cause, and a 54% reduction in the chances of dying of prostate cancer (preventing up to 1,000 deaths per year). The toxicity and adverse effects of radiotherapy were reported to be modest, and acceptable, with no demonstrable long-term adverse impact of radiotherapy on quality of life.

The belief that radiotherapy be made a standard treatment for this condition is endorsed by opinion leaders worldwide.

“…the combined use of [(RT) and (HT)] for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer should be the recognized standard of care throughout the world.”  Professor W Shipley, Harvard University and Massachussets General Hospital, Boston

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