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Bangor leadership training model decreases wastage rates and improves training practices in the British Army

Model also utilised by the Armed Services in Canada and the USA

The arduous nature of training recruits has resulted in high wastage due to failure or withdrawal, and has always been a problem for the Armed Services. A ten year programme of high quality research funded by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was carried out by researchers in the Institute for Research Excellence in Sport and Exercise (IRESE) at Bangor University. The research focused on the benefits of training non-commissioned officers involved in the delivery of recruit training in transformational leadership and coaching skills. This has led to changes in the delivery of training across three of the Armed Services, the formation of a new training establishment, a new tri-service monitoring and training body, better mental health in recruits, and significant reductions in wastage rates of up to 15%.

The Bangor model of transformational leadership continues to be applied to the delivery of all coaching and leadership training for the Armed Services in the UK and has also been utilised by the Armed Services in Canada and the USA.

“…research conducted by Professor Hardy was a major influence on the Army Recruiting and Training Division…” Senior Officer, British Army

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