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Exploring Stereotyping of Jews, Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Global Media

Research informs and influences understanding of religious and ethnic discrimination

Stereotyping of religious/ethnic minorities in contemporary global media continues to be an issue today. Bangor University’s research on the stereotyping of Jews, Jewishness and Judaism has significantly facilitated understanding of today’s challenges facing Jewish communities. The research has informed and influenced the understanding of religious and ethnic discrimination; encouraged social inclusion; and assisted the media, education and other professionals to adapt to changing cultural values resulting in the public’s cultural and intellectual enrichment. Stereotypes are now seen as a site of ethnic identification and pride rather than simply negative.

The research has also widened our understanding of stereotyping, showing how it works on a sub-textual level, in particular where it concerns non-visible minorities whose presence is often rendered non-explicit. Through numerous essays, appearances in regional, national and international media, and extensive public speaking, thousands have benefited from this research, especially in Europe, North America and Israel. Popular preconceptions have been changed.

The research “opened a very interesting avenue whereby young adults were able to question their own identity, culture, tradition, affiliation and prejudices.” – The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

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