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Informing public perceptions of the influence of climate change on Earth’s ice masses

Aberystwyth team take their climate change research to the masses

Millions of members of the public are better informed about climate change and its impact on the planet thanks to the outreach work of researchers at Aberystwyth’s world-leading Geography and Earth Sciences’ Centre for Glaciology (CfG).  Their work has dramatically improved our ability to predict the response of the Earth’s ice masses to future climatic change.

Amongst their many successes has been the CfG team’s involvement in the seminal documentary, Frozen Planet (BBC) with the final episode, On Thin Ice, in which Sir David Attenborough challenged society to come to terms climate change, was watched by 10.85 million viewers in the UK alone.

CfG staff have also featured in multiple news features across the world’s TV networks, including the BBC, Sky News, CNN, NBC, and ITN, and persuasive articles have been written about their research in the print media.

These successes, combined with a programme of lectures, and a strong online and social media presence, means that CfG scientific research has influenced the thinking of tens of millions of people on the effects of climate change.

“Thank you for a programme both educating and inspiring for myself and my 10 year old son.” Viewer feedback, Frozen Planet

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