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Innovative solutions ease pressure on hospitals

The pressure on hospitals is relentlessly rising, in both the emergency situation and in out-patients.

If the NHS is to meet this ever rising demand, the impact needs to be carefully documented and innovative solutions found. Addressing a variety of gastrointestinal disorders, Swansea University has used both routinely collected data and randomised trials to analyse the effect on patients and services, and to explore the impact of new models of service delivery, such as making out-patient services more available when needed and giving nurses more specialist skills and responsibility.

These studies showed that specialist nurses are safe, effective and well liked by patients. They have led to increasing numbers of nurses being trained to care for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, and to undertake internal examinations of the gut using endoscopes. They have also added weight to widespread calls for better out of hours care in hospitals.

“This study provides yet more evidence that patients in hospital are not cared for well at weekends, and reinforces the call from the RCP for consultant physicians caring for very sick patients to be in the hospital for 12 hours a day, every day, including weekends.” Royal College of Physicians