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Public Opinion and Devolution in Wales

Charting public opinion on devolution in Wales

Under the former leadership of Professor Wyn Jones and Professor Scully, the Institute of Welsh Politics (IWP) at Aberystwyth University has shaped public discourse and informed public policy processes relating to Welsh devolution.  Through a series of surveys, research, and analysis, the team established the first systematic examination of the evolution of public opinion and electoral behaviour in Wales.

Public attitudes towards devolution have been closely tracked since the narrow ‘Yes’ vote in 1997, to provide insights into the extent to which this constitutional innovation has become accepted as the appropriate form of government by people in Wales. As a direct consequence of this work, YouGov also began their first Wales-specific surveys in 2009.

The research influenced the thinking of the UK Government’s Commission on Devolution reviewing financial and constitutional arrangements in Wales, as well as the recommendations of the All Wales Convention. Furthermore, schoolchildren have also benefited through online resources and workshops developed and delivered by IWP staff.

“an essential and pivotal component of evidence collected by the Convention as part of its work’; it ‘weighed heavily in discussions and unquestionably helped to shape the recommendations of the Convention.” Member of the All Wales Convention

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