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Republishing Welsh Women’s Classics

Series helps correct gender imbalance and can inspire the next generation of Welsh women writers

Since 1997 Jane Aaron has been the founding and continuing editor of the series ‘Welsh Women’s Classics’, published by the independent Welsh feminist press Honno with the aim of bringing back into print virtually forgotten texts, prefaced by scholarly introductions. Twenty-four volumes have appeared in the series to date, five of which Aaron edited and introduced. Their impact on the reading public and on higher educational institutions in Wales has been considerable; each of the volumes has been favourably reviewed in print and/or broadcast media and far more Welsh women writers are read and studied today than in the mid-1990s. For a variety of historical reasons Welsh culture was until recently more than usually dominated by male voices, a bias much exacerbated by the fact that so few of the works by women who did succeed, against the odds, in becoming published writers were kept in print. The Welsh Women’s Classics series helps to correct the gender imbalance, providing a varied array of role models for the next generation of prospective Welsh women writers.

As the New Welsh Review put it in 2008:

‘It is difficult to imagine a Welsh literary landscape without the Honno Classics series.’(Kirsti Bohata, ‘New Welsh Review’).

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