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Safety in Numbers: Improving global drug dosage safety

Online environment significantly improves students’ competence

Drug dosage calculation errors are a worldwide problem that can seriously harm patients. The University of South Wales spinout company Authentic World Ltd has developed “safeMedicate®, which is an online environment designed to support the development of drug dosage calculation competence under authentic conditions.

safeMedicate®  is an outcome of 23-years international ‘bench-to-bedside’ research. It recreates real-world dosage calculation problems in an authentic online environment. It supports and assesses both healthcare professionals and students in their work in: understanding dosage problems, calculating drug dosage, and accurately measuring drug dosage, for example, in virtual syringes etc.

65% of the UK’s undergraduate nursing programmes, and 150,000 healthcare students and practitioners in eight countries across five continents use safeMedicate®. The research has also influenced evidence-based regulation.

Students’ competence is significantly improved after using safeMedicate®.

“Maths is such a complicated topic and I’m useless at it – but using the safeMedicate program has definitely improved my confidence and abilities…

…the feedback is superb… if I go wrong I can see where my errors have occurred – you can’t do that on a ward.” Student at the University of South Wales

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