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Welsh Lexicography and Terminology

Bangor University takes Welsh into the modern age

The enhanced use of Welsh in the second half of the twentieth century, especially in education, law, broadcasting and technology, necessitated a continual process of linguistic modernisation, and Bangor University’s The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary has been a corner-stone for the diversification of the use of Welsh in contemporary Wales.

The Dictionary provides a standardised lexicon extending from public administration to nuclear physics, and is considered to be the most essential tool to support the use of Welsh in the modern context, by bilingual educators, broadcasters, editors and translators.

In 2012, Bangor’s Language Technologies Unit launched an on-line open-access version of the Welsh Academy Dictionary, also available as an App, which was described by the Welsh Language Board’s Chief-Executive as ‘an essential companion to anyone who wishes to use Welsh’ which moved ‘the Welsh language into a completely different modern age’.  In just fifteen months, the online version of the Dictionary received 1,756,000 searches.

The LTU’s has also developed the National Terminology Portal, used extensively by the translation industry, and developed twenty terminology and electronic subject dictionaries for use in higher and secondary education.

“undoubtedly the single greatest influence on present-day Welsh vocabulary.” Former editor of Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru