26% Drop In Student Complaint Appeals

Higher Education Wales, the representative body for universities in Wales, welcomed a 26% fall in the number of student complaints that went to appeal with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).

76 complaints were dealt with in 2009 involving Welsh universities compared to 56 complaints in 2010. Responding to the figures released today in the OIA Annual Report, Amanda Wilkinson, the Director of Higher Education Wales, said:

“While these figures are for one year it is encouraging that student appeals to institutions in Wales have dropped by more than a quarter at a time when the trend elsewhere is upward. Universities in Wales are committed to building their services to students, placing their needs and interests at the heart of everything they do. These figures should help inspire universities in Wales to redouble their efforts to deliver a further improvement in the experience of students at Welsh universities.”

Ms Wilkinson concluded:

“In the new higher education environment ensuring that students receive the highest quality of education, along with all the other important services that make going to university such a fruitful endeavour, takes on an ever greater importance.”



1. Higher Education Wales is the representative body for Wales’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Wales and is a National Council of Universities UK. HEW’s Governing Council consists of the Vice-Chancellors and Principals of all the HEIs in Wales. HEW provides an expert resource on all aspects of Welsh higher education.

2. The Office of the Independent Adjudicator is an independent body set up in the 2004 Higher Education Act 2004 to deal with appeals from university students studying at English and Welsh universities who not satisfied with internal university complaints processes. The Annual Report of the OIA can be found here: ,  Please see page 29 of the report for the figures for Wales. 20% of OIA appeals in England and Wales in 2010 were deemed to be partly justified of justified. The number of appeals from students at universities in England increased by 38%.