Future Shape of Higher Education in Wales consultation


HIGHER Education Wales, the representative body for Wales’s university leaders, has given a positive response to a Welsh Government’s consultation on the reconfiguration of higher education in Wales. Higher Education Wales’s formal consultation response submitted today envisages a substantially reconfigured university sector. The Chair of Higher Education Wales, Professor John Hughes, said:

“University leaders are resolved to meet the challenges of reconfiguration to achieve a more dynamic higher education sector delivering on key measures of success. Though reconfiguration is a matter for university governing bodies, I am confident that the response to this consultation will see some decisive moves to build stronger and larger universities in Wales in the coming period.”

Professor Hughes continued:

“Universities are focussed on outcomes as much as structures and so reconfiguration must be seen as underpinning long-term success rather than solving every challenge. University leaders in Wales recognise the opportunities that come with a new overall shape to the sector – we must build on this new foundation to deliver the transformational economic and social change that we are all working to achieve.”



1. Higher Education Wales (HEW) is the representative body for Wales’s Higher Education Institutions and is a National Council of Universities UK. HEW’s Governing Council consists of the Vice-Chancellors of all the HEIs in Wales and the Director of the Open University in Wales. HEW provides an expert resource on all aspects of Welsh higher education.