Higher Education Wales finance statement

A Higher Education Wales spokesperson said: “The higher education sector here in Wales is currently operating in challenging economic conditions. This however is not unique to Wales and is equally true for the sector across the UK and internationally. As we understand it the statement drafted by the Welsh Higher Education Finance Directors Group provides a working paper regarding a range of possible upcoming developments to be aware of as we enter the next academic year (2013-14). As is the norm when moving to new arrangements, and as acknowledged by the Welsh Higher Education Finance Directors Group themselves in the working paper, there always exists a period of transition and it is far too early to determine at present how these new arrangements will develop over the coming years. As such the group will continue to monitor developments and it is only on this basis a true reflection of the current situation can be assessed. We would be more than happy to comment further once the scenarios in this working paper are further fine-tuned over the coming academic year and replaced with hard facts.”