Higher Education Wales response to UCAS January deadline application figures

Director of Higher Education Wales, Amanda Wilkinson, said: “These are very positive figures for Wales at this stage of the application cycle.  Applications have increased by 7.3% in Wales, higher than any other part of the UK, and represent the second highest increase in applications to Welsh universities in the last 5 years.  This demonstrates the high value attributed to the student experience in Wales and the high standards of education on offer.

“January applications to Welsh universities now stand a little above 2010 levels at 64,948.  Taking 2011 and 2012 as outlying years, and given demographic trends for the 15-18 year old group, this is a good performance.

“A sharp increase in overseas applications is testament to the growing reputation of our universities abroad, and is of major benefit to our student bodies and our economy.

“The number of applications from Welsh domiciles to institutions across the UK fell by -2.1%, which appears broadly in line with underlying population trends which predict a continuing fall in the young population to 2020. Welsh applicants to England fell by  0.5% and to Wales by -2.7%, but it is not clear at this stage why these differ.  From last year’s cycle, however, it is noted that despite a slight fall in overall applicants from Welsh Domiciles (-0.5%), acceptances from Welsh domiciled students increased by 5.3% by the end of the cycle. This confirms the difficulty of drawing early conclusions on the implications of these figures at this stage.”


1.       The UCAS applicant figures for the 15 January deadline can be found on their website by clicking here

2.       Higher Education Wales (HEW) represents the interests of Higher Education Institutions in Wales and is a National Council of Universities UK.  HEW’s membership encompasses all the heads of the universities in Wales and provides an expert resource on the sector to the many interested stakeholders, including Assembly Members, the Welsh and UK media, students, staff, business leaders and industrial entrepreneurs.