Higher Education Wales Welcomes New Assembly Members

Higher Education Wales (HEW), the representative body for university Vice-Chancellors across Wales, welcomed the new Assembly Members as they begin taking up their positions of office, some for the very first time.

Professor Noel Lloyd, Chair of HEW and Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University said:

“We congratulate Assembly Members on their election, and  are pleased to see such a good mix of Assembly Members (AMs), each bringing his or her own expertise and experience, with the potential to serve  the people of Wales.

I encourage  new AMs to see for themselves the work that Welsh universities do   to raise aspirations within their own constituencies and to create new pathways to higher education for those who may not have considered it an option. For those who are returning to the Senedd for a second, third or even fourth term, I hope that they will refresh their appreciation of the work being done with our diverse student body to further enhance the student experience through excellence in learning and teaching. “

Professor Lloyd continued:

“The work of universities will be essential to ensuring the long term prosperity of Wales. The role of universities in the economic recovery and the promotion of social justice depends fundamentally on the creation of economic prosperity and expansion of high level educational opportunities for people across Wales. These twin objectives must be the foundation on which our universities embrace the future and we look forward to working with Assembly Members on these issues in the months to come.”

Andrew Wilkinson, Chair of the Chairs of Higher Education Wales (CHEW) said:

“Chairs of universities in Wales are committed to working with their Boards, management teams, students, stakeholders and others to provide appropriate strategic direction into the future.  It is important, now more than ever, that we work hard and we work together, to increase the multiplier effect of HE and we look to our new Assembly Members across Wales to help us to build on the diversity, innovation and flexibility already inherent in our universities in Wales.