Unis Wales response to Prof Weingarten’s Review

In response to the publication of Professor Weingarten’s Review of Systems for Monitoring and Improving the Effectiveness of Post-compulsory Education in Wales, Universities Wales Chair and Vice Chancellor of the University of South Wales, Prof Julie Lydon, said:

“We welcome the publication of this review today as, alongside the Reid Review, this will allow us to fully consider and respond to the current technical consultation on the creation of a new Tertiary and Education and Research Commission for Wales (TERCW).

“We agree with Prof Weingarten’s observation that if Welsh Government is committed to the concept of a TERCW as currently described, then it should be prepared to operate it as a truly arms-length body. A partial approach simply will not work. This, together with the call for the Welsh Government to set out a clear vision for the post compulsory system in Wales that allows institutions to make informed or evidence-driven decisions, is something we are keen to support and work towards achieving.”