Universities Wales response to the interim Diamond Review report

Universities Wales welcomed the announcement of the Diamond Review of higher education funding and student finance arrangements for Wales earlier this year. We believe the current government was right to look to an independent panel to make recommendations for the long-term success and sustainability of the sector. As we look to the future, universities, and the growing proportion of people studying at them, will be the key drivers to creating a globally competitive economy in Wales.


It is therefore encouraging that the interim report published today demonstrates a high-level of commitment to finding a sustainable solution for students and universities in a challenging fiscal environment. Universities Wales believes that future policy decisions for higher education in Wales should be informed by robust evidence, be financially sustainable and as flexible and resilient as possible to external change. We have outlined in our manifesto document, along with our submission to the Diamond review, the investment requirements that we consider to be crucial if universities are to continue to be a positive force for good for the people and economy of Wales.