Universities Wales statement on unconditional offers


Universities in Wales are committed to ensuring that everyone with the determination, skills and desire to access higher education should be able to do so.

The latest UCAS end of year cycle data illustrates the system of recruitment to Higher Education is changing throughout the UK. With the removal of the cap on student numbers, universities across the UK operate in an increasingly fluid, system. In addition to this, and as recent reports have shown, the numbers of students predicted to achieve ABB+ has steadily increased across the UK since 2010. Applicants with higher grade profiles were more likely to receive 5 offers than in previous years.  However, whilst the number of offers to students has increased, the number of unconditional offers still remains at a very small proportion (unconditional offers only accounted for 2.5% of all offers in 2015) and the total number of acceptances to higher education providers in Wales remained broadly the same (25,700 total: a small decrease of -200, -0.9 per cent).

Students are increasingly satisfied with the experience being provided by universities in Wales. The latest survey of universities (NSS 2015) showing 85% of students in Wales were satisfied with their overall higher education experience. This is testament to the hard work Wales’s universities put in to delivering the best possible student learning experience, with results in personal development and learning resources having increased significantly over the past year.

It should also be noted that university entrants come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a variety of qualifications.  This highlights the importance of using a whole range of factors and contextual data when considering whether to offer a place. Universities in Wales continue to invest heavily in ensuring that all students, not just 18 year old school leavers entering full-time education, have access to good quality higher education and skills development that has the ability to change lives.