Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up – 27 July 2018

Wales has highest overall student satisfaction in the UKNSS

The National Student Survey (NSS) results for 2018 were published today and showed that overall undergraduate student satisfaction at universities and colleges in Wales remains high, with 85% of students saying they are satisfied with their course, an improvement on last year’s outcome and ahead of every other UK nation.

The sector demonstrated particular success in relation to Assessment and Feedback, Academic Support and the ‘student voice’.

The full results can be found here and for more information see hefcw’s press release.


UK Government announces funding from EU programmes guaranteed until the end of 2020

Businesses, universities and local organisations were assured this week (24 July 2018) that any funding they secure through EU programmes, from now until the end of 2020, will be guaranteed by the UK government even in a no deal scenario. The implementation period agreed in March would see the UK continue to participate in all EU programmes until the end of 2020 – providing certainty for British organisations and their European counterparts.

The guarantee announced will reflect this by underwriting the UK’s full allocation for structural and investment fund projects, such as funding secured through the European Regional Development Fund, until the end of 2020.  In addition, the Treasury will also guarantee funding for UK organisations which successfully bid directly to the European Commission – through projects like Horizon 2020 – until the end of this EU budget period if no deal is agreed.


US guidance counsellors complete #StudyInWales tour

This week saw 10 guidance councillors from all over the United States of America visit Wales for a week-long programme of events, including visiting all 9 of our Welsh universities (and a fair few castles!). This is part of the work of Study in Wales, which aims to promote Wales as a study destination to audiences all around the world. Thank you to the staff in all our universities for being so welcoming!

Guidance Counsellors


Help the #GoInternational campaign

UUKi are inviting universities to complete the Mobility Management Survey. The survey aims to provide a snapshot of how outward mobility is delivered by universities across the UK, and will provide insight for UUKi and the wider higher education sector on the management and trends of mobility programmes across the UK. The findings from the survey will inform development of our Go International: Stand Out campaign.

The survey can be completed online at the following address: It will remain open until 20 August 2018.


Education Business Exchange opportunities

Careers Wales has been tasked by Welsh Government to establish an Education Business Exchange (EBE). The EBE is a database of employers who want to support schools with a range of education business activities and events. The EBE will be available to trained individuals at schools to request engagement.  Careers Wales will use the criteria input by schools to search for suitable employers and the contact with employers will be brokered by Careers Wales’ Business Engagement Advisers.  Schools will not be given the employers contact details.

Careers Wales are seeking employers who would like to get involved with this scheme.  Employers can offer as little or as much engagement as they wish and dictate their preferred geographical area. All schools in Wales will be using the EBE by March 2019 and Careers Wales are aiming to have 10,000 employers on the system before then.

If you have any queries or would like to sign up to the EBE, then please contact Adrian Cole at Careers Wales.


The Conversation showcase: Highlighting the latest work by academics at Welsh universities

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Political update: Please note the National Assembly for Wales is currently in recess