Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up – 28 August 2015

Publication – Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education

This week saw the latest publication of the Higher Education Statistics Agency’s (HESA) Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Longitudinal Survey – and the data is encouraging, showing 94% of 2011 graduates are in work or study 3½ years later and of those in employment, 80.5% were in professional jobs.

With 94.4% of graduates from Welsh universities in Work and/or Further Study after 3½ years, Wales performs better than the UK average (94.1%).

Compared to the DLHE survey at 6 months, 73.6% of those who were not working at 6 months (whether studying, unemployed or other) were in work after 3½ years.

The full report of the survey results is available on the HESA website

Quality Assurance Consultation

The closing date for the funding bodies for higher education in Wales, England and Northern Ireland councils consultation on a new approach to quality assessment is Monday 31 August. The consultation sets out proposals for a quality assessment system that:

• secures an excellent student academic experience; and

• maintains confidence in degree standards.

The consultation marks the second stage of a review of quality assessment which began earlier this year with a wide-ranging discussion with the HE sector and other stakeholders. It draws on this discussion, on commissioned research, and on the advice of the Quality Assessment Review Steering Group, which included university, Council, student and HEFCW representatives from Wales.