HEW to relaunch as Universities Wales

From 22 September 2014 Higher Education Wales (HEW) is re-launching as ‘Universities Wales’. This page is designed to answer the questions you might have about the change, and explain why the change is being made. If you have any further questions about the change, please call +442920448020.

What is changing?

From 22 September 2014, the organisation will operate under the name Universities Wales for all purposes (including invoicing and accounting).

Why is the name changing? 

Following the independent review of HEW, the organisation’s governing body agreed the changes in February 2014, and agreed that the organisation should operate as Universities Wales from 2014/15 academic year. The new name will help make it clear that we represent universities in Wales rather than higher education in a more general sense. The name signals a new focus in our work – both at home and abroad – raising awareness of the ground-breaking work taking place at campuses across the country, and the vital contribution the sector makes to the nation’s economy and future prosperity.

What does this mean for the logo?

The new Universities Wales logo will be used from 22 September 2014. Historical documents will not be updated, but the logo will be used for all new documents, events and communications activity.

What does this mean for email addresses?

From 22 September 2014, Universities Wales staff can be contacted using For six months the will automatically redirect, but please ensure you update your contacts at the earliest opportunity.

What does this mean for the website?

From 22 September 2014, the new url will be Please save this address in your favourites. For six months the existing url will automatically redirect.

How will this impact you and your organisation?

Please ensure you update any of your organisation’s websites or materials which reference the organisation, as well as your email contacts, and any distribution lists.