HEW Weekly Wrap Up 28 February 2014

News – HEFCW Fee plan consultation

The HEW response to the fee plan consultation was submitted today. With thanks to members and planners for their contributions and comments. A draft can be found here.

News – UCAS 2014 applications – February update

UCAS applicant statistics for the 2014 cycle at the February comparison point were published on 27 February 2014.  Compared to the previous cycle, these record an increase in applicants of +3% for students from Welsh domiciles in line with a +3% increase in applications from students across the UK.  A +9% increase in non-EU applications was also recorded. No data relating to institutions in Wales was published. Care should be taken in interpreting the statistics. As that this is an interim point in the application cycle, unlike for an application deadline, no direct comparison between cycles is possible.

News – Deputy Prime Minister’s call for training courses admissions system

This week, Nick Clegg announced plans for a website to enable school leavers to find out more about the training opportunities available to them and to search and apply for courses. Details are available on the website. UCAS has responded by pointing to its existing UCAS Progress web service and further plans for delivering a more comprehensive national service from autumn this year.

Events – IWA debate – ‘Is it time to lift the cap on tuition fees?’

The IWA are hosting a series of events in the coming months, the first of which is entitled “Is it time to lift the cap on tuition fees?” on April 10th 2014. Professor Nick Barr of the LSE, plus one other TBC has agreed to speak on the need for a change of policy by the Welsh Government. Plaid Education spokesman Simon Thomas and NUW Wales President Steph Lloyd are speaking in favour of a cap on fees. Further details can be found here.

Consultation – Co-investment policy for post-19 adult skills delivery

On 21 February 2014 the Welsh Government launched its consultation on how a co-investment policy can be applied to post-19 skills delivery in Wales, seeking views from views from all stakeholders involved in post-19 skills delivery in Wales by 16 May 2004.

Publication – Demographics of academic staff 2012/13

HESA released its annual publication on staff in UK higher education on 27 February 2014, a summary of which is available online. This showed that in December 2012 across the UK, 55.5% of academic staff were male. 30.9% were aged 51 years or over and 66.0% were employed full-time.  It notes that the proportion of female staff falls with age, and female staff were more likely than male staff to be working part-time in every age group.