Unis Wales responds to ‘Impact of Brexit on HE and FE’ report

On Tuesday 4 December, the National Assembly for Wales’ Children, Young People, and Education Committee published ‘Degrees of Separation? The Impact of Brexit on Higher and Further Education’. The report looks at the challenges Brexit poses for higher education in Wales and makes recommendations to Welsh Government in respect of those challenges.Brexit Report

In response to the report, Universities Wales said:

“Universities Wales welcomes the Children, Young People and Education committee’s report on the impact of Brexit on higher and further education, and its recognition of the many challenges Brexit poses for universities including on student and staff mobility, research and innovation, and regional investment.

“In particular, we are pleased to see the committee call for the Welsh Government to immediately fund the important recommendations made by Professor Graeme Reid in his review of research and innovation in Wales.

“We also welcome the recognition of the important role of Global Wales, led by Universities Wales, which aims to promote Wales as a study destination in a post-Brexit world, build international partnerships and boost Wales’ profile as an outward-facing knowledge economy.”