Universities Wales response to announcement on grading of A-Levels

Universities in Wales are committed to doing all they can to support students’ progress to higher education. 

It is vital that the university admissions process is fair, consistent, and in the best interests of all students, and today’s announcement will have been welcomed by many of this year’s cohort who have shown themselves to be resilient, dedicated and adaptable in challenging circumstances.

Admissions approaches will inevitably vary by institution, however, learners can be assured that every effort will be made by universities to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by this year’s processes. 

Universities admissions teams have been working hard to place applicants on the course of their choice, and they will look at the circumstances of each applicant who has had their results improved as a result of today’s announcement, to ensure that wherever possible they can start a course this term.

Our advice to students would be to contact their first-choice university who will be happy to discuss their options. They also have the choice of applying to courses through Clearing, which has been enhanced to provide more tailored options than ever before.