Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up 23 January 2015

Publication – HEFCW – Higher Education for the Nation: Universities for Wales

On 22 January 2015, HEFCW published its ‘Higher Education for the Nation: Universities for Wales’. The report aims to provide a taster of the varied work carried out by universities in Wales, inspired by some of the key areas of focus by the Welsh Government. The report is available on the HEFCW website.

AS level reform – Request for Qualification Statements

In last week’s Wrap Up, we reported on the findings of the UCAS survey of qualification reform.  One of UCAS’s recommendations for HE providers is that they publish a qualification reform statement that states how they will respond to the changing qualification landscape in England and ensure a fair approach for all applicants. Supporting Professionalism in Admissions (SPA) support this recommendation, and would like to gather examples of such statements on their website as a resource for HE admissions staff looking to develop or review their own institutional statement. If you have published such a statement and would be happy for SPA to link to it, please send details to Peter Chetwynd (

UCAS 2014 End of Cycle data resources

UCAS published a comprehensive set of data resources on full-time undergraduate university admissions on 21 January 2015.   These data resources, with the 2014 End of Cycle report, complete the scheduled reporting on the 2014 cycle.

And on social media this week:

On 20 January 2015, the First Minister Tweeted congratulating Wales on its REF result during First Minister’s Questions. A screenshot is below.