Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up – 24 July 2015

Chairs of Universities Wales

The Chairs of Higher Education Wales have resolved to adopt a new name, Chairs of Universities Wales, with the abbreviation, ChUW.  The new Welsh name for the Committee is Cadeiryddion Prifysgolion Cymru (CPC).  For more information please see our website.


Natural Resources Wales (NRW) – Appointment of Chair

The Welsh Government is seeking a Chair for the Board of Natural Resources Wales (NRW).  NRW is led by a Board which provides effective leadership, defining and developing strategic direction and setting challenging objectives. The Board also promotes high standards of public finance upholding the principles of regularity, propriety and value for money. It ensures that NRW’s activities are conducted efficiently and effectively monitoring NRW’s performance to ensure that it fully meets its aims, objectives and performance targets. Currently, the Board consists of a Chair and nine members including the Chief Executive. The Chair is accountable to the Minister for Natural Resources.

For further details and to apply go to – or to find out more about Natural Resources Wales go to


HE-BCI Publication

The results of the Higher Education Business and Communities Interaction (HE-BCI) survey once again showed how successfully university researchers collaborate with commerce, community bodies and the public sector. Welsh universities have seen further growth on top of already successful rates for their research collaborations. Overall income to Wales through knowledge exchange between our universities and the public, private and third sectors rose by 6.7% compared to the year before, from £188 million to £201 million in 2013/14. Income from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) increased 12.4% from £6.6 million to £7.4 million. The full report can be found here and a Welsh-specific summary from HEFCW here.


HEFCW Circular – Consultation on revisions to HEFCW’s regional approach

HEFCW published circular W15/17HE on 24 July 2015, requesting responses by 21 September 2015.  The consultation sets out proposed new arrangements for HEFCW’s regional approach in order to align with the regional priorities set out by Welsh Government.