Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up – 4th August 2017

New Chair and Vice Chair for Universities Wales

Professor Julie Lydon, vice chancellor of University of South Wales became the new Chair of Universities Wales, and Professor John Hughes, vice chancellor of Bangor University, became the new vice Chair on 1st August.  They will both serve for a term of 2 academic years.


QAA report shows higher education in Wales demonstrates excellent education and outstanding student experience

new QAA report, published this week, has analysed the findings of quality and standards reviews carried out at 10 universities and three colleges between 2010-11 and 2015-16 and found that higher education in Wales demonstrates excellent practice that systematically improves the student experience.

Welsh providers have consistently performed well in QAA reviews, receiving 47 positive judgements out of a total of 50.

Reviews show that employability is a particular strength in Welsh higher education, with most providers doing well in this area. Reviewers also found good practice in:

  • Welsh language promotion, facilitation and support
  • postgraduate delivery, management and training
  • teaching: nearly all universities and colleges in Wales require their staff to either have or undertake a formal teaching qualification
  • better use of data to support improvements in learning and teaching
  • communicating with and engaging students in their learning.


Widening participation in outward mobility:
Share your experience and host a student voice focus group

UUKi is to publish a report and a toolkit that will help universities overcome challenges that exist for under-represented students. Colleagues at universities in Wales still have time to share good practice stories with UUKi’s Katherine Allison for inclusion in the toolkit.

The report will include a section on student voice. To inform the guidance in this chapter, UUKi will be facilitating a series of focus groups to discuss motivators, barriers and challenges to mobility with students from their target demographics. They have designed an interactive session to encourage students to engage with the topic and provide UUKi with some useful research and ideas for how to address barriers.

If you would be interested in having UUKi deliver a focus group at your university in August or September 2017 please contact Katherine directly as soon as possible.

Political Update –
The National Assembly for Wales is in recess this week until the 17 September 2017.

Julie Lydon for Wrap up (4-08-17)

Professor Julie Lydon, Vice Chancellor of Universities of South Wales
Chair of Universities Wales from 1st August 2017


john_hughes for wrap up (04-08-17)

Professor John Hughes, Vice Chancellor of Bangor University

Vice Chair of Universities Wales from 1st August 2017