Universities Wales Weekly Wrap Up – 8th September 2017

Universities Wales consultation responses

Unis Wales responded to the following consultations last week – follow the links to view them on our website:

Universities Wales update

This week we have been at Universities UK conference, where our members met with Professor Graeme Reid as part of his review of “Government funded Research and Innovation in Wales”; followed by a jam-packed conference agenda, including speeches from Jo Johnson MP, Universities and Science Minister and the new Universities UK President, Professor Janet Beer.

Innovate UK Briefing

Innovate UK Briefing – Emerging and Enabling Technologies R&D Call (£15m) – Round 3

13 September 2017, 09:30 – 16:00, Wales Principality Stadium, Cardiff, CF10 1NS

As part of the Innovate UK Delivery Plan, Innovate UK is to invest up to £15 million (subject to confirmation) in innovative projects in Emerging and Enabling Technologies. Innovate UK, The KTN and the Welsh Government are holding a Briefing in Cardiff on the next round of funding for the Emerging and Enabling Technologies.

This event will benefit businesses of all sizes (micro, small, medium and large) as well as:

  • academics
  • researchers
  • local authorities

Technologies within “Emerging and Enabling Technologies” include:-

  • Emerging technologies*: defined as technologies that are progressing in, or have recently emerged from, the research base.
  • Digital*: such as Cyber Security and The Internet of Things.
  • Enabling technologies*: such as Electronics, Sensors and Photonics (ESP) & Robotics and Autonomous Systems.
  • Space Applications*

Applying these Technologies across ALL Sectors, the aim is to increase competitiveness for UK small and medium sized enterprises.

* The Scope for this competition has yet to be confirmed, but is likely to be similar to the second round of funding. Details are available at

Political Update

  • The Cabinet Secretary for Education and the Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language have agreed an allocation of funding to support delivery of the All Wales Seren Network during 2017/18.
  • The Minister for Skills and Science and the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure have agreed to fund the National Training Federation for Wales to recruit Apprenticeship Programme Development Managers and Support Staff until July 2021.

HEFCW Circulars

 W17/25HE Initial Decisions on the Research Excellence Framework 2021

This circular announces the publication of the funding bodies’ initial decisions on arrangements for the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, and invites further views on a number of aspects which remain to be finalised. It also announces the invitation of applications for the role of sub-panel Chairs.