Welsh Universities – Driving Growth

The week long Welsh Universities – Driving Growth campaign will celebrate and showcase the contribution the sector makes in Wales. Under the umbrella of Higher Education Wales (HEW), each institution has come together to highlight the sector’s vital importance to the nation’s economic development. The campaign will investigate key ways higher education institutions can contribute in delivering jobs, award-winning research and growth in Wales, as well as drawing public attention to the way our universities

benefit Wales as a whole: economically, socially and culturally. Key industry bodies including the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), the National Union of Students Wales (NUS Wales) and HEW will engage with elected representatives, student representatives, and a range of wider stakeholders to promote and cement Welsh universities as the key driving force behind Wales’ economic growth.

Collaboration with the business community

Last year saw the launch of the first ever partnership agreement between higher education and the Welsh business communit, which is aimed at ensuring graduates who study in Wales remain the most innovative and employable workers in the UK. Graduates from Welsh universities already have the highest employability rates in the UK, and the flagship partnership between HEW, HEFCW, NUS Wales, and the Confederation of British Industry Wales(CBI Wales) aims to ensure this continues to be the case, by working hand in hand with businesses and students to increase opportunities for employer-approved courses, graduate work placements, and ensuring employability skills remain at the heart of all courses. Emma Watkins, Director of CBI Wales, says:

These are challenging times for graduates searching for a job after university. While a university degree can be an excellent foundation for a career, employers in today’s economic climate look more positively on students who have also developed a range of practical skills and knowledge.

Business needs to play its part in communicating skills needs, expanding opportunities for students and working with universities to help them deliver graduates with the right mix of skills. That is why CBI Wales works closely with our partners to deliver the employability skills for the graduates of today and for the jobs of tomorrow.