Welsh universities feature on UK’s Best Breakthroughs List


Universities UK’s #MadeAtUni campaign launched today to celebrates the transformational impact of universities, including showcasing case studies from eight Welsh universities. 

The UK’s Best Breakthroughs List has been launched to mark the inventions, discoveries and social initiatives from universities which have had a transformational impact on people’s everyday lives. 

The list was compiled to illustrate that universities do much more than just teach students and to bring to life the difference they make to everyone’s lives. For example, the development of penicillin, the invention of the portable defibrillator, mobile phone technology, work tackling plastic pollution, ultrasound scans and the establishment of the Living Wage. 

A full list of the breakthroughs made by Welsh universities can be found here MadeAtUniWales.


You can find out more about the UK wide campaign here MadeAtUni.


You can also follow the campaign on Twitter @MadeAtUni and Facebook @madeatuni.